Come join the fun at the first Better Dads Festival! Be part of creating the kind of community you want to live in. Help create a space where men, women and children can share their experiences of how men and fathers show up in their lives. Let’s build bridges between our cultural communities to appreciate both unique and shared experiences. Discover new ways to connect, share, explore, and grow!


Who’s your daddy? 

So, we all have different experiences of having (or not having) a father. Some of us are fathers, some are not. For some, father roles do not follow traditional norms, while for others, they do. For some, the word “father” brings joy; for others, it’s more of a struggle. The question is really, “What does fatherhood look like for you? What is your experience of having or being a father?”

Come share your story, no matter what it is…

 Come play together! 

Set your “serious” aside for a while! Here’s what in store…

  • games for kids and dads (is that a tug-of-war rope I see??)
  • hoola-hoop shenanigans
  • dress-your-dad and photo booth
  • music and drum circles and dance (see Music page)
  • storyboard drawing
  • poetry slam with prizes!




 Here’s where the exploration happens…

What’s in the works:

  • open sharing circles for men, for partners, for dads and kids
  • story tellers bring the ancient wisdom of our cultures
  • speakers on fatherhood, gender-equity, and mentoring
  • opportunities for that yet unspoken conversation with your father
  • write a letter to your dad; or a letter to your children
  • panel discussion on different cultural perspectives of fathering

Teach me…   Teach you…

What you might take away from the Better Dads Festival…

  • connection with others through doing fun things together!
  • meeting a group of men that will support you in everyday challenges
  • there’s mixed-gender groups that enter new frontiers – how cool is that?!!
  • there are boys’ and girls’ mentoring groups that could really use your help
  • other dads have the same joys and struggles as you – you’re not in this alone!
  • fatherhood challenges in your culture are unique, but support is out there!
  • where to go to get some help
  • and there’s a lot of joy and community in these generational journeys!!




Share the festival vision… 

… a diverse community of men and women who foster healthy, compassionate and nurturing individuals, relationships, families and society
… men who model and inspire healthy fatherhood in all it’s forms
… men and women engaged in exploring gender issues in our culture
… full community support of the many mentoring groups in the greater Asheville area
… a celebration of people coming together in community!